5th-6th March 2020

Inspiration, innovation, insight

When we launched Retail Tomorrow four years back we knew we were doing something fresh, but were surprised by how quickly and firmly it captured the hearts and minds of retail leaders.

Back for a 4th year of igniting ideas and inspiring imaginations, Retail Tomorrow 2020 takes place 5th - 6th March 2020 at the Four Seasons in Hampshire. It promises to be the best year yet and we’d love to see you in early March.

Whether you’ve attended before or not, you really should save the date.  Here are 7 reasons why:

If you’d like more of what to expect, download the 2019 event summary.

Attendance at the event is complimentary to senior retailers. If you are interested in attending please contact our Head of Events Natasha Richardson.


Ken Hughes

Leading Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralist

As one of the world’s leading Consumer and Shopper Behaviouralists, Ken Hughes blends his vast expertise in consumer psychology, social anthropology, behavioural economics and neuromarketing to answer the question to which he has dedicated most of his career: Why do shoppers buy and how can we make them buy more?

Kate Ancketill

Retail visionary, and CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence

Kate Ancketill is one of the world’s top trend forecasters for retailers and brands. Her work looking at shifts in consumer expectation, retail innovations and technology gives confidence to senior business decision makers about where to innovate, adapt and invest resources. One of our most well-received speakers, Kate is back for her second event keynote.

Giulio Raffaele

Senior research analyst, IDC Retail Insights

As a member of IDC Retail Insights Team, Giulio is in charge of leading research on Worldwide Retail Innovation Strategies. He also contributes to research on Worldwide Retail Customer Experience and Commerce Strategies, and to research on European Retail Digital Transformation Strategies.

Matt Clifton

Head of Checkout & Pay, John Lewis Partnership

From February 2020 Matt is the Head of Checkout & Payment for the John Lewis Partnership, responsible for the customer checkout strategy, and the associated development and delivery of checkout and payment solutions across both brands and all channels. In addition he is the Business Lead for the Unpacked project; testing plastic-free solutions with the ambition to expand them across the Waitrose store estate.


Day 1
12:00 - Registration & Lunch
12:30 - Opening remarks - Mike Butler
12:45 - External speaker - Kate Ancketill, GDR Creative Intelligence
13:30 - Dragons' Den Session 1 
14:30 - Coffee break
14:45 - Workshops/1:1 meetings
15:45 - External speaker - Ken Hughes,
16:45 - Dragons' Den Session 2
17:45 - External Speaker - Tony Butler, Sainsbury's
18:15 - Free Time
19:30 - Drinks reception
20:15 - Dinner with entertainment
Day 2
8:00 - Breakfast
9:00 - External speaker - Giulio Raffaele, IDC
9:45 - Workshops/1:1 meetings
10:45 - Coffee Break
11:00 - Workshops/1:1 meetings
12:00 - Dragon's Den Session 3
13:00 - External Speaker - Matt Clifton, Waitrose
13:30 - Closing Remarks
14:45 - Lunch
14:30 - Departures


The promise and challenge of an AI driven Retail operation

AI is widely acknowledged as a catalyst for transformation of key merchandising and supply chain processes. However, the biggest challenge lies in scaling your AI efforts and investments to meet the needs of your ever-changing operating model and KPIs. In this workshop we will discuss the key opportunities, quick wins and considerations for making your AI projects a success:

  • Use cases - real world challenges to AI adoption in Retail
  • Who owns AI adoption?
  • Which departments buy into AI initiatives…who benefits?

Should you personalise to succeed in Unified commerce?

With today’s fast-moving technologies and multiple ways to shop do you have to personalise to succeed? It does not matter how your customers shop we wish to explore what we are doing to succeed in retail.

Central to debate is the idea that the more personal you are, the more relevant, and the more likely you will thrive.

We are looking for retailers who like to challenge and adapt.

Back to the Future

For over 20 years, the need to digitally transform has been cited by almost every industry analyst. Whilst some retailers have made the leap, the sad reality is, as we enter the 2020’s, many still struggle with disjointed platforms, where at best, initiatives are tied to enterprise strategy with short term goals, at worst are tactical and disconnected from enterprise strategy. During this workshop, Hitachi Solutions will showcase how to deliver a true digital core platform to enable faster innovation, continually utilising insights to drive intelligent actions in 90 days.

Sustainable Practices in Inventory Management

Much discussion has taken place about how important it is for retailers and brands to focus on sustainable practices, not only is it crucial to protect the environment, but it is also a key way to attract younger generations of consumers and drive long-term brand loyalty. Join the Island Pacific team as we chair discussion and interaction amongst your peers as we share ideas on ways in which Retailers And Brands can make their supply chains and businesses even more sustainable through technology.

Consistently delivering Innovation through Agile, DevOps and Rapid Application Development

During this Session we will lead a discussion around why capabilities such as Agile, DevOps and RADP are essential in delivering Innovation in a consistent and fast fashion. Homebase will share their experience to date and IDC will share insights from Europe and beyond around these themes. We hope to have a healthy dialogue and pick up not only on the benefits of these capabilities but discuss openly some of the challenges being met along the way from Budgets to Organizational Design and Beyond.

Don’t drown in the Sea of Sameness

Too many retailers fail because they become lost in the Sea of Sameness. Retailers have three things to get right: they need a strong point of view; a compelling story and they need strong execution. Join Tim Larcombe, who will draw on over 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s leading brands, in this session and discover how you can do this and deliver an exceptional customer experience every time that generates sales and ensures the consumer leaves with a smile on their face.

Minimal Intervention delivering Optimal ROI

Following our on-stage insight into how with the right solution retailers can improve operational processes with minimal touch we delve deeper into how, looking at scenarios across the store. Focusing on our Stock Management that utilises android and cloud technology our interactive demonstration will show how simple it is to be up and running enabling you to reap the huge cost savings associated with reducing working capital, increase in-store colleague efficiency, improve on-shelf availability, increase sales and reduce shrinkage.

Intelligent Automation – The Future of Retail?

Today's customer demands a flawless shopping experience, both in-store and online. In this session we discuss the roles of technology & ‘Intelligent Automation’, and its impact on the evolution of retail. Be it colleague empowerment & the in-experience, smooth transactions or lightning-fast order fulfilment we examine the feedback from our annual retailer survey plus details of recent retailer studies with a view to understanding what technologies are having (or going to have) the biggest impact for retailers.

Digital Worker

Discover DXC’s Digital Worker, a product that combines all the commodified benefits of Robotic Process Automation and Automation-as-a-Service, while delivering the business process knowledge and implementation to make these projects successful. This workshop will outline how DXC can deliver full end-to-end managed services of one of the most robust and cost-effective robotics and automation tools in the market, and demonstrate state-of-the-art features.

Operationalising CX: How new insights are driving actions across retail functions

It’s no longer enough to be simply ‘data’ savvy, in order to lead the way today, your business needs to be able to integrate data-driven decision making into the heart of your daily operations – and understand the impact of your decisions.  In this session, we will explore how retailers who are using newly available data to transform how consumer insights are used across functional areas to drive revenue and prove RoI. From operational compliance to measuring marketing efforts as they apply to in-store behaviour, we’ll explore new opportunities to better understand the customer and the impact on your operations.

Unleash and transform the employee experience with Store in the Cloud

The single biggest indicator of business success today is Employee experience and empowerment. Companies with engaged employees are 21% more productive and innovative than those without. Retailers will need to consider how to empower store associates with intuitive tools (not simply more apps), and how to sustainably lower their store operating costs. You will see highlights from the 2020 Global Consumer Thought Leadership Study with feedback from retailers who are challenged to rapidly deliver innovation that meets ever-changing customer expectations, whilst still managing cost inflation in store operations.

Dragons' Den

Actionable Retail Data Hub

The future of Retail is in your customer interactions and making sense of the connections made with your brand. The actionable data hub brings the data together into a user-friendly tool that filters for relevance and shares it back so you keep on top of your numbers.
Designed for all channels and people .. we’ll get you fast results from a platform that you can customise later.
The hub first collates the data in a cloud. It is flexible, scalable and can hold broad retail data (think BI, RFID, IoT, Image recognition) with the help of accelerators in the deployment. We have partnered with AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms.
The data alone will not solve the challenge of the day or improve your L4L’s. To do this we have built filters; in effect a few ‘retail ready’ dashboards, with integration to AI, chatbot and workflows so we can start to turn insight into more profitable action.
The hub will free up your team to do what they like best: engage with customers.

Back to the Future

You may recall, in Back to the Future III Marty decides not to participate in a car race and thus not injuring his hand and fundamentally changing his future. Whilst we don’t have a time-travelling DeLorean, in our workshop Back to the Future, we will showcase how retailers can implement a true digital core platform in 90 days to thrive in the new emerging market.

Speed up Innovation and Lowering Costs with Neptune's Low Code Platform

Neptune Software will demonstrate exactly what Rapid Application Development Platforms can deliver and why they are a critical tool for Retailers who need to Innovate fast. By the end of the 10 minutes it should be clear why having a RADP capability gives Retailer's the ability to increase agility, experiment and deliver innovation faster whilst significantly reducing software and services costs.

Does In-Store Experience need to be at the Expense of IT Cost?

How can Retailers improve the effectiveness and cost efficiency of their IT systems and infrastructure? It can be challenging to create flexible IT resources and build agile teams to deliver IT projects. Retailers often face the challenge of integrating new systems to improve the customers’ in-store experience whilst needing to retain control of IT delivery costs. Technology Services Provider, PMC, provides Retailers with access flexible resources and agile teams to deliver IT projects and supplement in-house teams. A consultative and partnership approach enables Retailers to implement new technology and deliver transformational programmes without impacting the service provision.

UK Retailers Employee 3 Billion Staff Members to Money's Worth?

Performance management in retail stores is an inefficient and analog process, resulting in 5% revenue leakage and 8% cost leakage each week.
Working with some of the world's largest retailers, we see that 92% of these improvement issues can be resolved in store by the frontline workforce. However, we also know that these employees need clear direction and guidance to help them prioritise their efforts, and that the end-to-end performance process must be streamlined and digitalised in order for successful frontline actions to be measured and scaled.
In this session we would share proprietary results and insights from Quorso's customer data, as well as best practice guidance on how some of our leading retail clients are over-turning their weekly performance management process and seeing a 1-2% increase in weekly revenue as a result.
The frontline workforce is critical to the success of brick and mortar retail. But the weekly performance management process for optimising these teams is inefficient and outdated.
Learn how new technology is revolutionizing this process to galvanize in store employees - saving time, focusing efforts, measuring impact, scaling success and, ultimately, capturing 1-2% of previously leaked revenue.

AI, Personalisation and Owning it

There is nothing innovative about AI these days, but how many retailers are getting the benefits without breaking the bank? Data Science is a very specialist field, with limited supply of data scientist worldwide, but even if you can get your hands on one of these rocket scientists, without the relevant data they won’t have anything to do.
redPanda solves all these problems by using a standardized data platform and strategy, access to experienced data scientists, delivery times measured in weeks and full ownership of the IP. Rather than fighting with technical challenges you can now focus on automated actionable insights which can breathe new life into your Personalisation efforts.

Sell anywhere, fulfill everywhere: Real-time retail for ambitious global

Retail has changed. Today, shoppers have a mobile first mindset and expect a unified retail experience across all channels. There is no online versus offline. As a retailer you need to sell everywhere and fulfill anywhere. A cloud-based mobile point of sale (mPOS) platform is the missing piece of the jigsaw that allows all the different elements of the retail ecosystem to be connected in real-time and empowers brands to deliver a compelling experience that generates sales and ensures the consumer leaves with a smile on their face.

Customers are frustrated by retailers – there, we said it

What we really mean is, they’re frustrated by the clunkiness, gaps and confusion that many retailer’s delivery experiences provide. That being said, retailers are just as frustrated. Therefore, how do you demonstrate the commercial advantages of investing in technology to solve this?
In this 10-minute session, we’ll show you how our embeddable tech platform can provide retailers with a competitive advantage – achieving both commercial and customer service benefits.
We’re sure it’ll leave you wanting to come and chat further with us about our work with the biggest global carriers and customer-obsessed retailers out there, such as ASOS, Farfetch and Dyson.

Changing the Way the World Gains Insight

TruRating is the only multi-channel feedback solution in the world that directly connects how customers feel to how much they spend.Gathering ratings at the point of payment, TruRating integrates seamlessly into the customer journey and delivers actionable insights based on genuine, validated feedback. The ease of rating on the pin pad leads to huge response rates. This gives retailers unprecedented view of customer perceptions – and the real-time pulse of how they’re performing/executing in every store. TruRating has collected over 125 million ratings for businesses around the world, delivering actionable and ROI driven insight to some of the world’s top performing retailers.

Minimal Intervention delivering Optimal ROI

Understand how retailers can spend less in-store operations with minimal intervention
On stage we will demonstrate how our Stock Management solution improves your operational processes to deliver huge value with minimal intervention. We will show you how we can reduce working capital, increase in-store colleague efficiency, improve on-shelf availability, increase sales and reduce shrinkage.
By truly understanding store operations the innovation is simplification by utilsing cloud, digital and mobile technology. Our dynamic, smart and flexible solutions enable you the retailer to drive significant ROI and ROO.

Through The Looking Glass

Still haven't found what you're looking for? It has to be in one of those supplier portals. Surely!
With so many places to look, it can become impossible to find anything, let alone be productive! Imagine having everything at your fingertips on one portal. Yep, that's right – one portal!
Most retailers only concentrate on enhancing their forward-facing operations that usually relies heavily on antiquated backend ops. Deploying processes that are easier for your employees to engage with can reward you with increased productivity and give you a gauge on how well the technology you employ is working.
Want to know how we help retailers manage people, assets and all the rest of their "stuff"? Let us introduce you to Ascension cloud.


The Four Seasons Hotel
Dogmersfield Park, Chalky Ln,
Hook, Hampshire, RG27 8TD

Located just one hour from central London, the Four Seasons Hampshire is a resort hotel located in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. With excellent conference facilities, fantastic food and impeccable service it provides the perfect venue for business away from the everyday distractions of the office. Whilst we have a very packed agenda, we have allowed plenty of time for networking and enjoying the hotel facilities.

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