McDonald Butler Retail Blog

Another retail blog? Really?

Welcome to the Retail in Detail website and community and welcome to our new blog.

Let’s identify the elephant in the room straight away: with so much retail commentary out there, what’s the point of yet another blog? Where’s the value and why should you read it?

From our work with leading global tech brands we know that we’re perfectly placed to steer retail strategies: we have a genuinely unrivalled understanding of how all the pieces fit together. Every day our clients are asking us what’s going on in retail, leaning on us for insight and analysis to make a difference. Our reputation rests on being able to answer this thoroughly, accurately, and pretty quickly.

Putting false modesty aside, we know we’re ahead of the curve, we are seeing that some tech trends are hitting fastest in other sectors (for example next-gen Digital Security in Financial Services, or the Internet of Things in Manufacturing) and anticipating when and how they will impact on retail. We’re regularly organising C-level roundtable dinner events for our clients where we hear the very latest about what’s really on retailer’s minds. In short, we are dedicated to obtaining knowledge and predictions for retail, keeping us at the forefront of Retail developments.

We’re naturally in synch with the big events impacting on retail. For example we have a large presence at NRF and pride ourselves in connecting clients and facilitating introductions. A huge part of this happens at our, now renowned, NRF after party (for January 2017 this will be in partnership with our friends at Doddle).

So we’ve talked the talk — and in the months ahead we’ll walk the walk to prove it. The website as a whole will keep you in touch with news, assets and insights to inform and inspire. If you’re not finding what you’re looking for then come talk to us, we’ll be happy to find out how we can help.

The upcoming blogs will be talking about the big trends – Customer Experience, Mobile, Big Data, Fulfilment, Payments and more — where we’ll do a deep-dive into the detail which brings these topics to life. Next month for example we’ll be looking at Customer Experience with a deep dive into Personalisation.

Above all we want this to be interactive dialogue, so we’d welcome your thoughts — today, and in the months to come.

Happy reading.